Yoga - uniting the Body, Mind and Breath

Yoga, the ancient Indian art of keeping the body, mind and soul healthy, happy, and tranquil, needs no introduction today. With yoga one can achieve the union between the jeevatma and paramatma i.e. between individual soul and the supreme soul. Yoga provides you with the spiritual element as well as increased fitness and flexibility. One will achieve all round development of calm, stress free mind and a fit body. In these days life has become very complex. The struggle for existence has become very keen.

At some stage in our spiritual evolution over many lives we will become dissatisfied with brief, temporary pleasures and start our quest for eternal bliss. Methods to achieve this were developed and perfected by the yogis thousand of years ago. They consider that nature"s laws are so designed that we must evolve.

Yoga is a tool that can make this strenuous journey of life a smooth sail. Each stage of progress produces such peace and happiness that this entices us to go to a higher level of happiness. Thus, instead of pain, reward becomes the prime mover.

The above is a very brief indication of Yoga philosophy, which is so comprehensive that it deals with every aspect of life and delves into the very nature of reality.

Astro-spiritual offers different therapeutic Yoga Asana (postures) and pranayam etc. to suit the requirements and diseases depending on the age and the stage in life that one is going through.