Significance of Veda in human life

The VEDA means core knowledge which is coming directly from Parambrahma for the welfare of human beings. In simple terms Veda is the ways for human life to receive God's blessing to reach Him.

Veda is the storage of inalienable and uncountable knowledge and wisdom. In deep sense Veda means "Brahma". It is also said that if any miracle happens beyond our power, capacity, knowledge, etc, that is also called Veda.

Nobody has named Veda. In the ancient times, Veda is said to have spontaneously appeared in the mind of sages and saints through the wisdom-eyes in their Samadhi state. They could have seen "Veda mantra" and after having lots of practice, they could capture Veda and able to teach Veda to their disciples/followers.

Veda has been continuing through Guru-Shisya Parampara and by the virtue of Guru's grace, Shisya listens to Vedas from Guru's mouth directly and remembers it, so it is also called as "Shruti".

Veda is the simplest way to overcome all sort of problems and obstacles in today's life. This is also the only media which can truly provide peace and spirituality and can also act as an active force for the liberation of the human beings.

Vedic Shantipath (recitation of the Vedas) helps mankind in removing ignorance, poverty and also helps to receive the blessings of Maa Mahalaxmi, create Shraddha, helps merge Aatma with Paramatma. This is a panacea for all sorts of human sufferings.